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Engine Installation Guide

The following guide provides key notes in brief regarding the installation of one out our rotary engines. Please contact us if you require any clarification or further details on any of the following pointes.

When purchasing a Mazda RX8 rotary engine bare block from us please ensure the following guide is followed:

  • The Engine must be installed a by a proficient mechanic with experience removing and installing rotary engines.
  • Engine Wiring Loom
    • The wiring loom is best left on the engine during the engine removal. The wiring loom can be unplugged from the ECU. For UK spec cars a security bracket is present and will need to be removed first. Please ensure any swarf from the security bracket removal is cleaned away as this can cause an electrical short later.
    • Faults can occur when the engine wiring loom has not been correctly transferred over to the refurbished engine block. Common faults include mixing up the primary (red injectors) with either blue or yellow secondary injectors. Depending if you have a 231 or 192 engine respectfully. Ensure the injectors go back in the correct order. I recommend you leave the wiring loom connect to the inlet manifold with the secondary injectors plugged in. this way you cannot mix them up with the primary Injectors.
  • The engine is provided with dry. The only lubrication used is during the assembly process. Please ensure oil and coolant is filled correctly before starting the vehicle.
    • Engine Oil: 5/30 full mineral oil from Mazda or 10/40 Trident Millers Semi Synthetic oil
    • Oil Filter should be either blue print or Mazda oil filter
    • Coolant is FL 22 Spec
  • Ignition System
    • Ensure the ESS is clean and free from any metal fragments
    • Ensure the toothed gear around the main front pulley for the ESS is not damaged or bent in anyway
    • Ensure all four coils are either new or fully operational. Use a tool designed to test the coils of spark plug light caps.
    • Ensure all four HT leads are new or in working condition
    • Ensure all four spark plugs is new or in good condition
    • It is very important that the coils and HT leads are connected in correct method. Incorrect installation can leave to damage to the engine that would not be covered under the warranty. See image below:
    rx8 engine ignition coils installation order
    • Ignition timing reset. To reset the ESS data press the brake pedal twenty times with the ignition on but the engine off. If this step is missed the car may run rough with a misfire.

Initial Engine Start-up Procedure

The block is pre-lubricated with engine oil during the build process. This oil also helps the engine with the initial start and protects the components until the engine oil pressure is present. The following is important to have in place before trying to start your RX8 for the first time.

  • Fully charged battery of 65ah or above that is design for the vehicle
  • Good starter motor that cranks at least 250 RPM or above
  • Ensure you have filled the engine with oil. From a dry sump you will need 5.2 litres of oil
  • Ensure you have filled the engine with coolant. Leave the coolant pipe of the stop of the throttle body when filling the coolant. This will allow air to escape initially but don’t forge to fit it back before starting the engine
  • Leave the coolant cap of the coolant expansion Bootle for the first five minutes of running the engine.
  • Ensure you have secured the high-pressure fuel line. Not forgetting the internal red clip. Common mistake.
  • Ensure all oil coolant lines are connected that had been removed for the engine removal and installation
  • Ensure an oil filter has been fitted
  • Cross check the vacuum hoses
  • Reset the ESS timing data as explained above


Once the above has been checked / carried out you can then proceed with starting the engine.

  • Crank the engine until it starts. Slightly feathering the throttle may be required
  • Once the engine has started allowing to run for 20 minutes without revving the engine. Use this time to inspect the engine bay for leaks and misconfigurations.
  • After twenty minutes rev the car to 4k and hold for 10 seconds and then allow the revs to drop slowly.
  • Switch the engine off and allow to cool down. Once cool check the oil and coolant levels are correct
  • Refurbish engines may require an initial drive cycle to build compression and or to obtain an idle. An initial drive of 5 to 10 miles is sufficient.it is recommend a jump pack is available encase of any long starts during the initial bedding in process.
  • At this point the car can be driven with maximum of RPM to 4000 for the first 500 miles. Until the first service is completed.

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